Architecture and Modern Furniture.


 Now, some high-desert steppe land, seem to invite the long lines, simple, can be traced back to Wright’s Prairie style and the so-called natural materials, design and construction of homes.


The-kitchen-and-ideas-for-beautiful-home Time-for-contemporary-kitchen-kitchen-trends-2011 Time-for-more-color-in-the-kitchen  In this case, however, new technologies and new materials to make this modern desert style living bridge between the past and a more sustainable future.


Living-in-accordance-with-feng-shui Living-room-:-home-decor-part-1 Living-room-:-home-decor-part-2  Of the void and solid, the interaction of space and aircraft, the definition of this structure (from pg design) is more then in the modern part of the project is just posturing and.


Contemporary-bathtubs-design-ideas Different-types-mirrors-for-more-different-and-beautiful-bathroom Fashionable-decoration-with-wood-for-your-bathroom They are the means of preventing unwanted access to natural light, solar energy, which leads all the way to the basement of the building. These more modern, rational and linear movement, but also balance the rusty color and rustic materials.


Feng-Shui-decoration-in-the-home How-to-create-a-romantic-look-for-your-bedroom-Part-1 How-to-create-a-romantic-look-for-your-bedroom-Part-2 Intention weathering steel rust mixed with the surrounding natural landscape the color of the house, and rammed earth bricks to use, but will also make the local environmental protection materials – clay dirt on the natural surrounding color matching. tel:+36309953855

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