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Small kitchen, where nothing fit, always alone in the kitchen, no TV, outside of family affairs … That you know and say enough? Yes, I agree with you and we have a solution for you – linking functional kitchen with living room! It is a popular way to “ratchet up” a small kitchen. Just demolish the rail into the lounge room and two together. It has its advantages – mainly that the family can stay up together – but there are also disadvantages. Do you know what to watch ? Amazing-interior-design-living-area-and-kitchen-with-beautiful-sofas-modern-coffee-table-kitchen-cupboards-aspirator-and-modern-lighting


Weighing-quality-and-cost-when-buying-living-room-furniture-Part-1 Weighing-quality-and-cost-when-buying-living-room-furniture-Part-2 Weighing-quality-and-cost-when-buying-living-room-furniture-Part-3 Three links for YES
Very often the decision to link those who live in small apartments with small rooms, which usually can be made only in light shades, otherwise it will look even smaller. Linking created here room of twenty to thirty meters square. Here you can apply in arranging some ideas and there is no need to fear or deeper colors, which would separate a small room look even more diminished. Likewise, a large room gives owners the chance to indulge in a dining table “in the kitchen.” Dining space – whether in the form of a bar, kitchen island, but often it is a classic dining table – creates a divide between the kitchen and living area. Before that usually did not fit into the small kitchen and family stolovala in the living room, which is not practical.
Changing lifestyles – this is probably the most common reasons why these two rooms together. But there are those who reject this solution. The first of the arguments can easily conclude that the pot does not belong to the living room. When cooking, whether we like it or not, a mess can we do and remains our dishes.



Kitchen-design-plan-you Kitchen-design-plan-you-2 Kitchen-Furniture The separate kitchen, just close the door and let the cleaning for when the guests leave. We will not have to give them the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, extra hot in the summer and will avoid embarrassment, the breakfast dishes can smell badly in the afternoon. Combined-glossy-kitchen-with-living-room-with-modern-bar-white-worktops-bar-stools-modern-TV-white-sofa-and-furniture


How-to-combine-the-kitchen-and-dining-room-part-1-? How-to-combine-the-kitchen-and-dining-room-part-2-? How-to-combine-the-kitchen-and-dining-room-part-3-? The same kind of trouble can occur even when the guests arrive just after our dinner, to which we have served the potato and garlic soup.
Another argument is that the connections to prepare for one room, which is especially for two-bedroom apartments and a great pity. Apartment-room-with-combined-living-room-kitchen-and-dining-area-with-modern-furniture-and-beautiful-lighting


What-is-a-living-room-part-1 What-is-a-living-room-part-2 What-is-a-living-room-part-3 When we have a separate living room and you take him to the sofa, a problem for us without a visit to sleep, without being afraid to get up in the morning before breakfast and getting ready to go. But in an interconnected space that do not, do not climb up somewhere where they sleep. The solution? Pretty-kitchen-living-and-dining-area-combined-with-shelves-with-books-modern-furniture-and-natural-lighting


Classical-kitchen-part-1 Classical-kitchen-part-2 Classical-kitchen-part-3 You belong to a group that needs to take advantage of open space, but it bothers you and cons? Many of the major acquisition deals – usually sliding doors. The opening of the space link, the closure removed. So you connect the kitchen to the living room?

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